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Treat The Headache

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - - 0 Comments

A man came to a doctor to treat his headache. After examination, the doctor said that he must amputated his pair of testicles, because those balls pressed his nerve that effected the whale of headache. The man refused at first but finally he allowed the doctor took his "accessories". After the long surgery, he feel very healthy but a little depressed because losing his manhood. So to rise his self confidence and image, he goes to an expensive famous men store.

A store assistant came forward to him. "You must be looking for a suite designed by a world designer aren't you," the salesman greet. The man stunned and nod.

"Let's see ... you must be wearing pants number 32-29, coat 40 and shirt 16," the salesman continued.

The man amazed by the skill of that salesman, he knows his size precisely. The salesman says, it's my job to know every bodies size. When the man tried the suit of clothes gave by the salesman, they are fit to his body and taste.

"Now the underwear, pick one for me," the man said.

"You must be wearing number 32 boxer right?" answered the salesman.

"Hah! You are wrong this time! I was always wearing number 28 brief," he said.

"But sir," the salesman continued, "If I were you, I won't do that. If you wearing underwear like that, you will be suffer by a whale of hard headache!"

"?????" the man passed out.

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